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Monat makes the best shampoos, conditioners and oil I've ever used, having worked in the hair industry for the last 15 years. Their products increases hair growth and repair damaged hair unlike any other products. They reduces hair loss while increasing the hair follicle strength along with many other added benefits while being naturally based and free of all the bad stuff. It's simply something you will have to try for yourself which is why Monat lets you try the products risk free for 30 days, which is unheard of for any consumer product. -If you're interested in trying the products, just click the link above! 

If you're interested in becoming a MONAT distributor (Market Partner) like myself, you're starting your own business for only $299. Monat will then send you $500 worth of amazing products for yourself to use along with a start up kit with everything you need to hit the ground running as a seller. After that, you don't need to ever buy inventory again as orders are placed on the Monat website through your referal link and Monat handles of all distribution. as a seller you also receive 30-40% off products so I would hope you would continue to use their amazing products and really love the product you're selling the same way I do. 

Monat is a Network Marketing Company. You get paid when you refer customers to the Monat website through your link, or when you sign up other sellers like yourself, in which case you start building your own "network of distributors" where you will then receive a percentage of your combined network sales in perpetuity. 

In your sign up month, plus the two following months, you are in "Smart Start”; you get INCREDIBLE bonuses by teaming up with friends, colleagues, clients or other acquaintances. After smart start you continue to make bonuses on those product packs, customers, and every time someone in your network, or someone you recruited makes a sale; or reach a milestone. It's not as hard as you might think when the products are this incredible - it is work. It doesn't happen over night but the skills required are very easy to learn, and you have me on your team to help you learn them and its obviously in my best interest for you to do well because my income depends on your abilities.

If you're a hairdresser like me; you owe it to yourself to become a Market Partner (seller) with MONAT. When your clients use the MONAT products their hair will become healthy and nourished and ready for you to work your magic. Your clients will be forever in love with the products and you will have a side income that allows you to focus on doing beautiful hair! As a hairdresser, becoming a Market Partner with MONAT is truly one of the best decisions I've made - and I honestly want you to experience the same freedom it gives me. Signing up as a market partner takes 10 minutes and it can change your life! If you have any questions let me know.

Here are all the video's i've made talking about MONAT along with our Executive Director Jewely Stephens perfectly explaining all the Amazing MONAT products and business opportunity, so you can get informed before you get involved.

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If you are ready to sign up as a Monat Market Partner (seller) go HERE - and if asked for a sponsor ID. enter: 101033